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A new equation for quantum dynamics: Explanation for wave-particle duality, relativistic derivation from quantum mechanics and law of relativistic property

R. G. Kola

J. Dawn. Research, Vol. 1, pp 55-68, 2019

Using the Schrodinger equation we were able to predict the nature of the quantum world in the most accurate way. This paper begins with deriving a new equation, which can relate to wave-function, velocity position, and mass of the quantum system. The derived equation can have many uses in theoretical and experimental approaches of physics. One use is already discussed in this paper. That use is, predicting the nature of the quantum system by using a usual plane wave-function. […]

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Optimizing the Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution Using Cucurbita Pepo and an Analysis of Desorption Efficiency and Material Reusability

S. Zhao, S. Chen, A. Huenger

J. Dawn. Research, Vol. 1, pp 35-54, 2019

Approximately 7×108 kilograms of dye are produced annually and 15% are released into aquatic bodies, causing global human and environmental health problems. Many conventional purification methods to produce potable water are expensive and inaccessible in under-developed areas. This studys objectives were threefold: low-cost adsorbent was produced from Cucurbita pepo and optimized for greatest efficiency of methylene blue adsorption from water, followed by a study of desorption methods for reuse. […]

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WormBot: Mimicking Earthworm Locomotion

A. Firester

J. Dawn. Research, Vol. 1, pp 17-34, 2019

This research designed, constructed and tested an earthworm-inspired robot that can maneuver throughnarrow spaces in order to search for survivors in rubble or inspect dangerous sites without risking lives. An earth worm can crawl through dirt or passages little wider than its own diameter. Like an earthworm, the “WormBot” alternately elongates and contracts its body and uses retractable claws to grip its surroundings to prevent it from slipping. This research made use of biomimicry, emulating animals or biological processes, as well as soft-robotics, using pliable parts and actuators to interact with moving environments and flex instead of breaking. […]

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Outcomes of a Peer-to-Peer Model in Health Disparities Advocacy

M. Agrawal, D. Parthiban, P. Straker

J. Dawn. Research, Vol. 1, pp 3-16, 2019

Health disparities have been an emerging area of concern for healthcare professionals and community activists alike as new reports document increased disease incidence and mortality in communities of color. Much of this disparity stems from distrust and other cultural barriers against healthcare professionals in inner-citycommunities. In this study, we explore a new intervention to educate minority students about this crisis through peer-to-peer workshops. Surveys were given to students and adults before and after a teaching session and a focus group was held after the workshop. We found statistically significant improvements in both students and adult cohorts researcher trust, interest in clinical trial participation and other variables correlated with improved attitudes towards the healthcare community. […]


Liberating Untapped Potential: The Case of Young Student Publication

T. M. H. Pham

J. Dawn. Research, Vol. 1, pp 1-2, 2019

“Publish or Perish” is a predominate pressure in the fields of higher education and research as undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students strive towards enhancing their academic career and to become experts of theirarea of interest. The value of the published work depends on the prestige of the journal and the impactful results of the research. The immediate benefits of the rigorous process research and publishing can help schoolsand organizations receive funding through grants and research sponsorship that can ultimately provide societal benefit such as improvement in medical advancements, product development, or environmental benefits of species, habitats. […]

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