Jugular Vein Compression Collars for Mitigating Traumatic Brain Injuries in High-Impact Activities: A Narrative Review

F. Syed, S. Khan, M. Toma

J. Dawn. Research, Vol. 6, 1, 2024

The "Q-Collar" is a device designed to mitigate head injuries, particularly in scenarios such as contact sports and military operations where trauma to the head is a significant risk. It operates by exerting an external compressive force on the jugular veins, which effectively increases blood volume within the brain to counteract the "slosh" effect—that is, the movement of the brain within the skull during sudden impacts. The research documented in this literature review investigates the Q-Collar's efficacy by examining various clinical studies, as well as animal models, to understand its role and proven effects on reducing head trauma. This review includes 21 studies that were identified through a literature search using keywords related to "Jugular Vein Compression Collar" in the PUBMED database. […]

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