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The Effect of the Sodium Bicarbonate Buffer on the Acidity of Hydroponically Grown Kale

Aasiyah Aziz, Joshua Rubinoff, Manpreet Kaur, Jessica Cohen

J. Dawn. Research, Vol. 5, pp 3-20, 2023

The purpose of this experiment was to test the effectiveness of the sodium bicarbonate buffer in decreasing the pH of carbonated water when used to grow kale hydroponically. The results of our previous experiment showed that 75% carbonated water was most effective for kale growth. This might have been because of the acidity of the carbonated water, which is why a buffer was used to stabilize the pH and further enhance the growth of kale. Previous research shows that bicarbonate plays an important role in pH and stabilization of plants. Sodium bicarbonate also promotes the intake of carbon dioxide and other carbons, which is beneficial to plants. In this experiment, there were 6 groups, 3 of which received the buffer with 0%, 75%, and 100% concentration carbonated water and the other 3 that received no buffer with 0%, 75%, and 100% concentration carbonated water. […]

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